Dandelions in a meadow outside Thunder Bay, ON

Dandelions in a meadow outside Thunder Bay, ON

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fundraiser for Canadian Animal Assistance Team

It's getting ever so slightly chilly for an ice bucket challenge, but you can still make a priceless gift as you read by the fireplace. This holiday season I am sending all proceeds from the sale of my e-books on Amazon to the Canadian Animal Assistance Team for which I have been honoured to volunteer as a veterinarian. Information about this charity is here: www.caat-canada.org The Team was born in foggy Vancouver, BC and a few days later baptized in the floods lefts behind by hurricane Katrina, on its first relief mission. My own experience has been on First Nations reserves in British Columbia, and has inspired a chapter of my novel.

The link to my books with their descriptions and free browsing samples is here: www.amazon.com/Valerie-Albemarle/e/B005ITWSEY

Thank you for your support, and may the season bring you joy



  1. i read your own blurb of michael. the intrigue seems quite original and fascinating. huge pity i have no access to full text. myself i find time rather dubious and perhaps non-existent as such altogether. wish i could discuss it further with you. ah well. best of luck in your noble task. anon.

  2. I am flattered that you visited my author page on Amazon, this is what an emerging writer wants to hear! I can send you the full text of Michael by email; see if you can email me through my author page to keep your address private. Otherwise, if you have Kindle reading software and an Amazon account, the book is a whopping $2.00 :-)

  3. Means sort of wheedling the book out of you for free.
    Non-starter with me.
    There must be some other way.
    Don't see it yet.