Dandelions in a meadow outside Thunder Bay, ON

Dandelions in a meadow outside Thunder Bay, ON

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fallout from the Quest for Gold: Update.

Since my initial post on the problem of moose trapped in abandoned telegraph wire in the Northwest of Canada I have published a short article in the West Coast Veterinarian magazine and given two interviews to CBC Radio Yukon--one in French, one in English. (I'm happy to say my French doesn't suck completely after twenty years of disuse.)

Article (page 34) https://www.canadianveterinarians.net/documents/west-coast-veterinarian-magazine-fall-2016
Interview in French https://soundcloud.com/iciyukon/ces-fils-qui-tuent-les-orignaux-la-veterinaire-veronica-gventsadze-denonce
Interview in English https://soundcloud.com/cbcyukon/bc-vet-calls-for-backcountry-clean-up

My current task is to prepare an environmental petition addressed to the federal government of Canada. Technically such a petition does not require any signatures, but these will certainly not hurt. If you are Canadian and interested in signing, please contact me through this blog and I will include you on my mailing list.

While I continue to work with companion animals on a professional level, this past year has brought the plight of wild animals close to my heart. There is much sadness to be found on this road, but also a healthy kind of balance that puts the entire living world in better perspective.

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